Popular Nigerian comedian, Oluwatoyin Albert aka Tomama blustered on social media after she was almost ripped off by a pump attendant at a fuel station.

The comedian narrated via a video on her Instagram page, that people think celebrities are not struggling to make money. Most people are quick to cheat her at every opportunity because she is a public figure.


Tomama stated that she wasn’t paying attention after paying for the fuel then she suddenly discovered the pump attendant had input the wrong amount and litre on the fuel machine.

She said,

“every opportunity wey una get una dey like rip us off, rip me, make I speak for myself, I don’t know for other people”

According to the comedian, she wanted to ignore but decided to challenge the pump attendant, who later switch off the pump and corrected the price. She said people gathered around and started hailing her because she is a public figure, who shouldn’t be bothered about being cheated.


She exclaimed that she won’t allowed anyone to rip her off because of her status especially with the state of the economy presently. The fuel was sold at the right price and people in the scene expected a public figure isn’t meant to fight in a public space.

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