Popular Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has been forced to go to his village for prayers after constantly receiving attacks every time he celebrates his birthday.

Sharing a video on his Instagram page, he revealed that during his birthday last year, he had an injury on his leg, and this year his TikTok page with over 1.7 million followers got deleted.

The constant attack every time he celebrates his birthday pushed the influencer to visit his village, in Imo state for prayers.

On getting to his village, he went into a deep forest to pray against anything and anyone that keeps attacking him every time he celebrates his birthday.

The entertainer was heard saying;

“Every spiritual that will not make me make it in my movie in my career holy ghost fire every demonic that will not make me make it, I raise my hand on the hook Holy ghost fire. Sometimes I dey see Bobrisky for dream, sometimes it’s some drag queens, sometimes I go see some friends, guys I don’t want to talk much but as much as we talking, I needed to pray this prayer Holy ghost fire, God come and bless me God of all this land bless me.”

As James Brown went on praying the clip recorded him rolling on the dead grass where he was observing his prayers.

However, some of his colleagues and fans saw his movement in the clip as hilarious while others prayed that God heard his prayers and delivers him.

Watch the video below,

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