The moment a die-hard fan of superstar musician, Davido caught the singlet that he performed in during a concert has gone viral on social media.

Davido removed his singlet during the performance and flung it into the audience, where it was retrieved by the young man.

The fan expressed his excitement to media personality, Timi Agbaje when he was interviewed following the incident.

He admitted that, despite the people around him, he gave his all throughout the battle for the singlet to make sure he won it.

When asked about his plans for the singlet, he said that he wouldn’t wash it because he wanted everyone in the room to smell it and feel Davido’s energy.

Watch the video below,

In other news, popular Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri caused a massive stir online after revealing that her virginity remained intact even after giving birth to her child.

Taking to her Instagram story moments ago, the mother of one disclosed that she is still a virgin and opened up about how it was possible.

According to her, despite getting pregnant and having a child, she still doesn’t know how it feels to be with a man sexually.

She explained that for her pregnancy, she did not know how it happened, and her virginity is still intact with the help of her “cortisol and adrenaline.”

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