Debola Daniel, son of former Governor of Ogun state, Gbenga Daniel has shared his frustration with living with disability in Nigeria.

According to Debola, living with disability in Nigeria can be frustrating, as everyone believes they have the divine power to heal you.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote,

“One of the most frustrating things about being disabled in Nigeria, is everyone believes they have a divine call to heal you. Everywhere I go, “I command you to get up in the name of Jesus”. Then that awkward moment of staring at each other. Why you gon make God look bad?”.

However, in reaction to Debola’s tweet a follower noted that he wasn’t miraculously healed because “he underestimated the power of God”.

The follower wrote,

“You underestimate how big God is. If you are prayed for and nothing happens, the fault is never with God, know this AND KNOW PEACE. It’s either the channel (man) is missing something or you are not in faihh. You can argue all you can.

“You’d expect the same God that you constantly refute and grow in rebellion against to always come through for you at all point. What a joke. What has your rebellion done about it”.

In response Debola tweeted, “Nawa o. So it’s either my fault…. or the person that invaded my privacy’s fault?”

See their exchange below,

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