Sophia Momodu schools

Sophia Momodu, the mother of singer Davido’s first child, Imade Adeleke, has taken to Twitter to school people who connect everything a woman does to her ex-lover.

In a series of tweets she posted on Thursday, December 8, where she listed things that should be normalized in our society, Sophia told people to stop attributing everything a woman does or post on social media to a man she was associated with in the past.

She added that people should stop projecting their insecurities on couples who are not married to each other but share a child together.

Sophia Momodu schools

“Gentility oo she stupidity #LetsAllBeGuided“, she wrote in conclusion.

The mother of one seemed to be addressing people who think she’s throwing shades at her baby daddy, Davido, who recently got married to the love of his life, Chioma, whenever she posts online.

Read her tweets below,

“It’s ok to watch a sermon & tweet whatever resonates with your spirit without it being about anyone.. #NormalizeIt

It’s ok for a woman to decide to carry on with her life without every single thing she does trickling down to an ex.. #NormalizeThis

It’s ok for 2 people to have a child together, NOT be together however decide to co parent in peace for a greater good without faceless people behind fake pages projecting their insecurities on them..

Sophia Momodu schools

As an African woman it should be ok to prioritize one’s self, peace, relationship with God & personal growth over all else without being trolled by the faceless & insecure #NormalizeThisTheMOST

I believe people should be checked into mental institutions for speaking so confidently on people they don’t know personally, just because you see them on tv or on social media doesn’t mean you know them. If you’re not speaking kind words.. don’t speak at all.

If you dislike a person so intensely because a faceless blogger told you so.. you need to check yourself into a mental institute ASAP!”

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