A former staff of Oceanic Bank Aliyu Suleiman on Wednesday was sentenced to 195 years imprisonment for fraud by Justice Dije Abdu Aboki of the Kano State High Court.

The convict was arraigned by the EFCC on the September 30, 2014, for allegedly stealing over N21m from Albasu Microfinance Bank. Upon his arraignment, the convict pleaded not guilty to all the count charge brought against him by the EFCC.

Delivering her judgment Justice Aboki sentenced the convict to serve two years on each of count one to forty four and fine of N300,000 on each. Where the convict defaults the fine, he is to serve additional six months imprisonment on each count.

From count 45 to 74, the convict was sentenced to fine of N500,000 or twelve months imprisonment on each count while on count 75 to 105, he is to pay fine of N200,000 or twelve months imprisonment on each count with the exception of count 97 which appeared to be duplication.

The sentences were to run concurrently. The convict was also ordered to restitute the sum of N14.8m to the Albasu Community or spend five more years in prison.

The convict was a former staff of Oceanic Bank and was entrusted by the Albasu Community to take charge of their Microfinance Bank. While in charge, the convict violated that trust and siphoned over N21m by forging signatures of the other signatories to the funds.



  1. This country is lawless and almost uselessso this ex banker can be sentenced for life till death imprisonment and political leaders and looters walk about scotfreechaiiiii *in patience Jonathan ‘s voice* ………..money+connection talks while bullshit works

  2. it may look like he could stay in jail till he dies and his son will come and continue from where he stopped…lets take the man to have spent 35 yrs in jail before death….that is 195 – 35 = 160 yrs for the son… obviously the son cant spend all so it passes on to the 3rd generation..

  3. Hmmm Devil him self is not happy with Nigeria because this is not what devil tought the judges and lawyers Nigerian lawmakers are doin worst than Devil him self imagine wen devil is not happy with you how will #God_fell_about_you

  4. Its unfair, what about those that stole billions? And are still parading the streets free and untouchable what is the Judiciary that sentence this man do about them? Hmmmm, no wonder they said Nigerian laws are made for the common man. You steal N1000,000 you go to jail but steal billions they will say return N500,000,000 and go with the remaining.


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