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Almost a week ago, just before the Ooni of Ife got married to his new bride, Wuraola Zynab Otiti, an unknown Zainab wrote an open letter alleging that she was still married to her ex-husband amongst other things, but it was assumed by many it was just the rantings of a jealous frenemy.

Read the letter in case you missed it

It appears now that there may be some iota of truth in Zainab’s open letter. New photos of her with her husband Elie has emerged online.

Abuja sources close to the situation who pleaded anonymity told Moji Delano Blog that Elie is her husband whom she has kids with.

They allege that Wura milked Elie-an expatriate with Sageto, an Abuja based company dry financially, so much so that he is still trying to recover from the loss.

Elie allegedly kept giving her company money, and she made sure to corner major contracts from Sageto for her brothers and relatives.

As per her marriage to the Ooni, Moji was told she was one of his girlfriends and he knew her for a little over two weeks before he decided to marry her.

It is said that the names of the Ooni’s girl friends were dropped and the oracle choose Wura even though he had known her for just a short period of time.

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