A Nigerian man identified as Gospel has revealed that his partner had cheated on him first, leading to the end of their relationship and a prize of 204,000.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Gospel shared that when they first began dating, they made a deal to deposit 6,000 into a joint account each month.

He claimed that it served as a form of protection if one of them betrays the other; in that case, the victim would be entitled to any funds present in the account at the time of the illicit act.

The woman slipped and ended up cheating after two years and eight months of courting, which meant that the man received the entire amount accumulated over the course of 34 months.

He wrote;

“I got #204,000 because my girlfriend cheated on me. When our relationship started we deposited a monthly #6000 each into a joint account during relationship and made a policy that whoever gets cheated on, will walk away with all the money. That is Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF).”

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