Femi Falana asks

Human Rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, Mr Femi Falana, has asked the Lagos State Police Command to invite controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, for questioning over her comment on the death of Sylvester Oromoni.

Femi Falana asks

It can be recalled that the 12-year-old Dowen College student was allegedly beaten to death by his seniors for refusing to join their cult.

However, in an audio recording that went viral, Olunloyo had claimed that the deceased willingly agreed to join the cult, and the beating that led to his death was part of the initiation process, among other allegations.

Femi Falana asks

In a new development, the minor’s family has filed a petition against her through its lawyer, Falana & Falana’s Chambers, on Monday, December 13.

In the petition addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Police at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Lagos, the family called for an investigation to be conducted regarding Olunloyo’s claims.

The Chamber said although the students and staff of the college named in the brutal murder of the deceased had made useful statements to the Police, Olunloyo had just introduced a new twist to the case through her reckless allegations against Sylvester.

Femi Falana asks

He added that the viral recording was released on social media to divert the police’s attention from the ongoing investigation.

“Apart from attempting to destroy the name of Sylvester Oromoni, Ms Olunloyo has exacerbated the tragedy of his parents, family members and friends without any justification whatsoever,” he said.

“Even though the reckless statement is a figment of the imagination of Ms Olunloyo, we are of the strong view that she ought to assist the Police in the ongoing investigation into the cause of the death of Sylvester Oromoni.”

He also urged the Police to prosecute Olunloyo, in a competent court, if she can not substantiate her allegations against the deceased minor.

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