Mike Bamiloye says

Popular clergyman and movie producer, Mike Bamiloye, has claimed that fallen angels have taken over social media.

In a post shared via his Instagram page, the drama-evangelist said their ploy is to corrupt the minds of social media users, and many men and women are already possessed by evil spirits.

According to him, one can easily discern these fallen angels by the posts they share on their social media accounts.

He wrote,

“Fallen angels have taken over social media. Using the platform to corrupt the mind of human.
A lot of ladies and men are now possessed by evil spirit. By their social media posts and images, you shall know them.”

See his post below,

A while back, Mike Bamiloye took to social media to address people who enter into marriage with preparations to leave once something goes wrong.

The movie producer told such people not to expect their marriages to last because they have ‘successfully’ prepared for failure.

Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday afternoon, November 20, Mike Bamiloye said,

“If you are approaching the altar of marriage with the preparation to jet out whenever anything goes wrong, then, don’t expect to last long in it. You have prepared for failure.”

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