South African woman confesses

A South African woman, identified as Happy Simelane, has confessed to falsely accusing her Nigerian lover of rape years ago.

Speaking in a recent podcast, Happy disclosed that she got pregnant by the man at 19, while he was three years older.

However, she couldn’t come clean about who impregnated her because it was a taboo for South African women to date Nigerian men.

Despite the consensual nature of their relationship, she and her family falsely accused the man of rape, leading to his arrest and imprisonment for ‘seven to eight months.’

South African woman confesses

She explained that the man was new to the country and had spent less than a year when the incident occurred. His mother had to sell her business to afford his legal representation.

Eventually, a DNA test confirmed that he is the father of Happy’s child, leading to his release. However, he left South Africa for Europe due to trauma from the experience.

During the podcast, Happy admitted that she was the one who broke the Nigerian man’s virginity but still accused him of rape. She also shared that he had proposed to her when she was 19, but she declined at the time.

Following the incident, Happy moved on and married another man whom she told that her child’s father was dead. She also lied to the child about her father’s death.

Years later, her husband died in a car accident while with his side chick, and the Nigerian man reached out to offer his condolences and initiate a conversation.

Despite initial hesitation, Happy eventually engaged in conversation with him and appreciated him for respecting her marriage and grieving process.

Happy, who is now a mother of three, is reportedly engaged to the Nigerian man who hails from the South Eastern region of Nigeria. She also shared a video of his family warmly receiving her when she visited Owerri, Nigeria.

Addressing the backlash she received for her confession and questions about her decision to marry the man despite the rape accusation, Happy asserted that he comes from a respectable background and that his family has forgiven her.

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