The family of late Lagos socialite, Kayode Badru has reportedly arrested his widow for allegedly conspiring with his pastor to burn him to death.

It can be recalled that the Dubai based Nigerian socialite died from a fire incident in May 2021 during a prayer session at a Celestial Church in Lagos.

According to report, “He was holding a candle then the prophet of the church, Felix Alebiosu, sprayed perfume on his body from his head to toe. Within a few minutes, his body caught fire. He suffered severe burns and was rushed to a hospital in Gbagada, Lagos, where he died hours later.”

The wife of late Kayode, Kofoworola Badru has alleged that following her husband’s death, his family accused her of conspiring with his pastor to burn him to death because of his property.

She noted that her husbands brother, Gbenga Badru assaulted her and wrote a petition against her at the police station.

Narrating her ordeal, the mother of two said,

“My husband’s younger brother claim that I conspired with the pastor to roast my husband to death, because of his properties.

He wrote a petition against me at Alagbon Police Station. In the petition, it was written that I don’t have family and I’m an orphan and that I conspired with the pastor to k*ll my husband because of money. They also accused me of moving and selling things from the house the night he died.

I was picked up on July 1, which is the first day I went out of the house after my 41 days mourning, I was made to sleep at the station, even after I told them I have a one-year-old baby. I was only released on bail the next day being July 2 and I have been asked to report at the station tomorrow, Monday.

On the night my husband died, while we were at the mortuary, my husband brother claimed that I didn’t greet him and beat the hell out of me despite knowing that I recently had surgery.

The whole family came to the house the following day and ordered everybody out that they wanted to lock the house. They arrested me even though they know I have no relationship with the pastor. They also claim I bribed police officers at Panti not to give them the autopsy report.

I’m very scared, I have two kids, age 3 and one, my body has been shaking since that day till now, I’m traumatized.”

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