A family in Yobe State have taken the corpse of their beloved family member home after she died at a general hospital.

They couldn’t afford to pay to make use of the hospital’s ambulance and the management won’t help either, hence they resorted into renting a wheelbarrow to carry out the assignment.


A pained facebook user captured the moment and shared it online. So so sad!




  1. Whether you get carried in a wheel barrow or a golden ambulance or hearse, you eventually go six feet down. All that is of little or no significance. What really matters is what becomes of your spirit after it left your body. Has it been reunited with the Maker or separated from God forever? We all have choice in the matter only while we are alive. Jesus is the only way to God. Believe in Him while you still have time for a minute after now might be forever late. God is waiting for your choice.

  2. The so call general hospital staffs are not after people’s health but bribe both the securities here and there, if u don’t have money to bribe they ll dump u and attend to people that even meet u on ground. People die like rat and they don’t care. I blame our bad government but only God intervention. Mainly ikeja branch


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