Celebrity fashion designer, Yomi Casual, has been hospitalized following a ghastly motor accident he was involved in recently.

Yomi Casual hospitalized

Casual, who gracefully survived the accident took to his IG page to share photos of himself in the hospital as well as a photo of his damaged SUV.

He captioned the post,


See photos he shared below.

Earlier in the month, Yomi took to his Instagram page to educate his followers on the importance of saving. According to him, Many people lack discipline when it comes to saving money.

Speaking further, he urged people to educate themselves about money and encouraged them to start investing in themselves, instead of spending all their money trying to look important, or to keep up an image.

In his words,

“Many people lack discipline when it comes to saving money. What good is having a bunch of stuff if you’re struggling in debt, or broke most of the time? So many people put up a front like they’ve got it going on, but they know the truth. They spend all of their money trying to look important, and/or keep up an image.

“Knowledge is everything! Educate yourself about money, investing, and saving. I encourage you to start investing in yourself instead of things! Set yourself up for a better future and start making better choices.

“Building wealth takes time! Have discipline. Save. Stay consistent. Be brave enough to change your spending habits. Be wise! Don’t allow money to control you. Strive to have a healthy relationship with money! #ifyoucantsavelearnhowto #ialwayshaveaplanb #cultivatethehabitofsaving #TAILOR”.

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