Father brutally flogs daughter

Olagunju Adekunle, a user on Facebook shared the story of a little girl who was severely flogged with belt by her father for going to their neighbor’s house to watch TV.

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Father brutally flogs daughter

“God, I can’t just believe this in my life,i was driving to the office this morning and I’ve a reasons to make a call and before I know,I was out of call card ,as I alighted from my car to get a recharge card ,I sighted this small girl(Esther by name) be beaten mercilessly with his heartless and reasonless father.

“Please where are the human right, who can be of assistance to help this girl out of her heartless father? I was so fortunate to interrogate her mother who told me that the girl went to the next neighbour room just to watch TV.

“I took the girl to the nearby police station on our way getting there ,the girl and her mother was redirected to the nearby police station which is very closer to their house.

“I called her father and I questioned him the reasons why he beats the girl mercilessly like that and his respond was very dishearten even he promises and threaten to beat his wife on her way back from work….Good people of Nigeria,kindly give helping hands as regard to this case, before it’s getting out of hands.”

Father brutally flogs daughter



  1. Omg..this can’t be happening,which planet earth does this misery of a man comes from?why is he taking out his poverty frustration on the child because if he has television in your house she wouldn’t go to someone else’s house to watch a tele.yabatv pls get hold of the wife and advise her to leave that marriage b4 the husband kills her or her children and finally report this issue to Social workers because this is child abuse and the police will never do anything will never do anything about that.


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