Northern Nigerians say

People from the Northern part of Nigeria have started a conversation on micro-blogging platform, Twitter, about how the dynamics of a father’s relationship with his daughter changes after she gets married.

The conversation began after a Twitter user identified as Gimba Kakanda, shared his experience with his father-in-law.

He tweeted: “When my father-in-law visited us and learnt I had stepped out, he told his daughter he won’t go into the house without my permission. When I answered his call and learnt this, I felt embarrassed. But I got that he was only trying to make us understand the institution of marriage.”

Surprisingly, many Northerners corroborated his story, noting that it is customary for a father to call his son-in-law to request for permission before visiting his married daughter.

They added that it’s not necessary for a father to know where his daughter lives with her husband after he has handed her over to him in marriage.

They then went ahead to share their personal family stories. One revealed that his sister has been married for four years and their father doesn’t know where she lives.

Read the tweets below,

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