Nigerian man says

A Nigerian man has courted controversy on Twitter after he shared his opinion about couples who recently welcomed a child.

Taking to the microblogging platform, the man with handle @seyedele said people visiting new parents should give money to the fathers instead of the mothers.

In his defense, he said women rarely remember who gifted them money amid the stress of taking care of the baby, and they are only interested in the kind words and empathy they receive.

He tweeted,

“Unpopular opinion: it’s the father you should give the envelope of money when visiting a couple who just had a baby, not the mother.

If you ask any mother what she remembers most from when her baby was brand new, it’s the words of encouragement, empathy and being present. Not the 5k new notes that Baba Dayo squeezed inside her hand.”

See his tweet below,

Nigerian man says

His tweet has however received many negative comments from netizens, as many disagreed with his stance.

@dondekojo wrote, “I’ve never given the father anything, make e go work. Gift for baby (Pampers and baby wipes) cash and drinks for mother.”

@ireoluwatunde01 wrote, “This one is a lie o! I remember every money my child was given o! And I know the faces of the givers. Don’t mind awon Okunrin o!😒”

@samuel_ukoha wrote, “At this point, I think the father should just carry the baby.
You people are annoying.”

@iamkaylion wrote, “Even me as the father will point to the mother.”

However, a tweep who agreed with him wrote,

“Two reasons why:

1. He’s the provider. This lightens his load. We all know nothing would flow to the man from the woman from it if you give it to her. But if you give the man, they both enjoy it.

2. He’s in charge. It’s disrespectful to give it to anyone else”

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