Portable slams

Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable, has given a savage response to those mocking him for being uneducated and crude.

The Zazuh star, who is currently in Italy for a show, took to his Instagram page to flaunt the dollar bills he was sprayed during his performance, and slammed people who speak ill of him on social media because he’s an ‘illiterate’.

Portable slams

According to the father of two, those mocking him don’t earn as much money as he does despite being educated, prim and proper.

He said majority of them have not amounted to anything in life even though they attended a tertiary institution and speak well.

Portable further bragged that he can easily purchase their father’s house with the millions of naira he has amassed.

Watch him speak below,

A while back, Portable threw a subtle jab at internet fraudster, Hushpuppi, who’s awaiting sentencing.

Portable is currently in France and from videos he’s shared on social media so far, one can tell he’s having a great time away from home.

He shared a video of himself in a luxury clothes store in France, where he had gone to get a new set of designer outfits for himself.

In the clip, as he brought out cash from his bag to pay the attendant, the Zazu Zeh, who bragged that he frequents the store, threw shade at Hushpuppi.

Portable declared that he’s bigger than Husppuppi and reiterated that he isn’t into fraud like the embattled socialite who, before his arrest, was using proceeds from fraud to fund his lifestyle. Watch here

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