Stanley Ontop reacts

Controversial movie producer Stanley Ontop has seemingly criticized actress Destiny Etiko’s outfit, which she presumably wore to the AMVCA award show.

The thespian had taken to her Instagram page over the weekend to share photos of herself in a red see-through dress and a veil embellished with stones.

Stanley Ontop reacts

Due to the timing of the post, some netizens thought she was attending the AMVCA 2024 event, including Stanley Ontop, who went online to condemn her dress.

Though he didn’t mention any name in the post, he hinted that the name of the person he was referring to starts with ‘D’, solidifying speculations that he was talking about Destiny Etiko.

According to him, Destiny needs to arrest her stylist because she looks like a ‘peacock’ in the ensemble. He also claimed that she went to disgrace Asaba actors at the event.

However, it turns out that she didn’t attend the AMVCA show and simply posted pictures from her personal shoot.

He wrote,

“Watin una favorite Asaba Actress wear go AMVCA2024?
Haaaaaaa chimooo
She should arrest her stylist biko f
Una Actress na the one wa him name start with D.
Chinekemeeee. Watn she wear.

Una favorite Asaba Actress just go AMVCA go disgrac£ us. Oh my gawd🤣😂😂🤣
I don laugh tire 🤣😂
Una favorite 🤣
I no call name ooo but her name starts with D for Dora 🤣
Peacock 🦚 🤣😂😂

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