Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, has taken to social media to lament about the difficulty in getting a personal assistant for himself.

Tonto Dike says

The socialite who opened up about being in dire need of a personal assistant revealed why he’s been unable to get one for himself despite needing one because he finds it difficult to trust people.

According to him, the fear of not being exposed has made it difficult for him to find a suitable PA.

Bobrisky noted that being discrete has helped him to maintain his celebrity status.

In his words,

“Have been looking for a pa since last year, but I don’t want no snitch in my life. over 3yrs of my fame !!! You all haven’t heard anything about me cos I’m so discrete, and private when it comes to relating with people.

I only post what I want people to know. Have been d one handling my dm myself for 3yrs now cos I want to keep my conversation with people in my dm private. It’s just crazy how you can’t trust no one again.”

See his post below,



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