Blaqbonez reveals

Nigerian rapper, Emeka Akumefule popularly known as Blaqbonez, has revealed that he stopped watching people’s Instagram and Snapchat stories four years ago.

Taking to his Twitter page on Friday, November 11, the 26-year-old rapper explained that he stopped watching people’s stories because they always made him feel less of himself.

 Blaqbonez reveals

According to the ‘Back to uni’ crooner, everyone seemed to have a perfect life on social media and it made him feel inferior. In order to curb those feelings, he stopped viewing people’s IG and Snapchat stories completely.

He tweeted:

“4 years ago I stopped watching people’s IG & snapchat stories, because it always made me feel less of myself, people always seemed to have this perfect life, i told myself I won’t let then tension me. I still don’t watch people’s stories.”

A while back, Blaqbonez took to Twitter to address those who are always quick to say ‘it’s summer, we outside’ while in Nigeria.

According to the “NOVACANE” rapper, they are copying western culture without shame and they are hyped about summer outside Nigeria.

Emeka’s tweet reads;

Niggas in lagos, Nigeria be saying it’s ‘summer’ we outside, yooo ITS RAINING EVERY DAY!! are you mad??? copying western culture without shame.

They hyped about summer outside naij cos that really be the one time they can be outside proper proper, they see a lil sun they excited, bring out the bikinis, but we see sun almost all the time, wtf you on about a summer ting lagos

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