Some expressive women have given vivid descriptions of what it’s like to have passionate intercourse with a male organ.

The conversation started when Ife Agoro of diaryofanaijagirl, via her Instagram stories on Friday, posed an interesting question to women. She asked them to share how manhood feels inside them.

Interestingly, a number of women shared their experiences giving explicit details of their intimate moments with their partners.

A woman said it feels like a thousand tickles going fast, while another said it feels like ice cream on a hot afternoon.

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A while ago, some Nigerian men took to Twitter to share stories of how wealthy and influential men tried to snatch their girlfriends despite knowing she had a partner.

It started when a Twitter user @Ambrosia_Ijebu took to the micro-blogging platform on Sunday, March 13, to recount how a certain big man sent a note to his girlfriend at a party they attended together, asking to fly her out of the country same night.

“I was once at a public party in Lagos with my babe at the time and a famous Naija big man (who will remain unnamed) sent her a note saying: “I’m heading to New York tonight, plane is waiting. Let’s go”. True story. Yes, she was a hot, tall Igbo babe.” he tweeted.

Other tweeps joined in the conversation and shared their personal experiences of how ‘big men’ tried to ‘collect’ their girlfriends or those of their acquaintances.

A Twitter user stated that a lady’s boss, ex-boyfriend, landlord or bestie, has higher chances of snatching her away from her partner.

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