A Nigerian student has been captured on video explaining why she had to fight for a seat with her pregnant coursemate during a lecture.

The two women apparently had a heated exchange in class and after the lecture was over, the non-pregnant lady decided to rehash the conversation.

The student contended that she was not required to give up her seat, merely because the classmate was pregnant.

She advised the woman to meet her husband if she wanted a special seat since he was responsible for her condition.

She continued to argue why she believed she did nothing wrong by battling for a seat with a pregnant woman in the video.

The student continued to speak while unaware that she was being videotaped, and when she discovered, she felt embarrassed.

Netizens have however bashed the young lady for being insensitive with her words and actions.

Mary wrote, “Don’t worry you will see what others have seen …insensitive fellow”

Trina wrote, “Those words are not fair
Doesn’t make sense
Let’s be mindful of words we use on people, one day you will be in that condition too”

Watch the video below;

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