A Nigerian man from Benue state, identified as Lubem Terkula, has taken to social media to seek advice on how to quit drinking alcohol, as it is taking a toll on his relationship and finances.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Terkula said that his fiancée has given him a 7-day ultimatum to quit drinking or she will end their relationship.

Clueless about how to get over his addiction to drinking, the young man who’s on the verge of losing his lover turned to social media to ask well-meaning Nigerians for help.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but toh. Drinking is ruining my financial life and love life, and my gal has given me a 7-day ultimatum to quit drinking or she dumps me.

So far i don’t stay off alcohol for two days. How do i quite so i dont lose my fiancee rather because even as i am writing this, i am having hang over and still have a bottle of origin bitters. Help now! She took her time to even lecture me on the negative side effects of Alcohol.

But to me I thought drinking alcohol is one of the way to keep the mind busy, since many people cannot provide everything that their life need, so i choose to confuse mind with wine and alcohol. Although the major problem of man is ignorance and wrong understanding established by many religion and atheist organisation. But now where should I go from here?” He wrote.

See his post below,

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