After exchanging words and fighting like savages severally on a Facebook group, a popular Slay queen identified as Kiki O Adornment and a slay king, identified as Cammy Khalid fought physically, but the former got brutally beaten.

According to reports, they decided to engage in a physical fight during a Facebook group’s hangout yesterday.

Facebook users who witnessed the fight, disclosed that the slay Queen and a slay King had been attacking each other verbally before now.

Cammy Khalid

It was gathered that the fight started online when the lady identified as Kiki allegedly made a post threatening to beat up the young man named Cammy, when she meets him in their Facebook group’s hangout in Lagos.

The duo made real their threats to each other, after a heated war of words at the hangout venue yesterday (Wednesday). The slay queen and the slay king who fought till they tore their clothes in public, were not separated by other members of the group who filmed the disgraceful scene and shared on social media.

Oga Boss who shared the video wrote;

A popular Facebook slay queen, by name: KIKI O ADORNMENT, a single mother, from Ibadan has been physically beaten up by another Facebook slay king by name: CAMMY KHALID, over a social Media dispute between both of them in one of the Facebook groups

The issue which I can’t specifically state what prompted it, but the point there both agreed to fight in their first group hangout which everyone was thinking is a normal social media issue until they met on the hangout somewhere in Lagos (location hidden) and both engaged in a physical fight as other members was busy recording the fight until the slay queen cloth was tore into pieces

Cammy who has now come out to clear the air to share what actually happened, wrote the below;

After congratulating Desire Dave Dipupo on his new born baby I made a post about giving birth to the kids you can take care of and not bringing in innocent kids into this earth to suffer so everyone were making positive comments on the post but Kiki O Adornment came to the post and was forming savage queen on the post and we exchanged little words on the post but this girl kept on threatening me with how she would beat me to stupor in the upcoming hangout and stuffs like that…

So i went to report her to her bf in the person of one Anjoorin Damilare to help warn her gf to stay clear off me but this guy went and told her i was begging him to help me beg Kiki not to beat me and Kiki came and posted it here all in the name of trying to mock me and warned me that if i involved her bf again that she will make the beating quicker before the hangout and i dared her and also dropped my number, truth be told i never knew she was serious about it until she called me that same day in the evening and was insulting me and telling me how she will beat my family today…

Kiki set fight
Kiki set venue
Kiki set date…

So fastforward to today i was on my bed when Kiki called me and was like shey you know say na today and if them born my papa well make i no show and i was like wow are you serious and she ended the call..

Kiki O Adornment

So i was coming from Yaba and decided to drop by at the venue, so i kept on calling her to know am there already, so when she finally came, she came with some ncffa girls,Cassper Leo and Llyod Horlie Johnson so i felt relieved that nothing go sup, we gather dey so far say my guys dey here but Kiki no gree…

I stood on my own and she came to me and started hitting me and was dragging my side bag very serious and mean, while this was going on i was telling her to stop this and her squad were already laughing at me like i won’t do nothing… Then i reacted and the result is what you see now


  1. D girl really fucked up, wat on earth made her think he can beat up a guy, anyway shaa it feets her lyk dat,but u as a guy u no try at all, why will u tear her clothes into pieces

  2. Kiki the fighter, I mean the great fighter u should have learnt ur lesson by now, God save u that u weren’t killed. Just go and share ur testimony, hahahahahaahaha.

  3. Its just so sad seeing this after all i dont blame d president for calling nigerian youths lazy its just d fact
    Nakedness does not even matter to some humans again look her dress was torn by d fool nd she is still fyting chai nawa oo

  4. Huge public disgrace for you gal. How can u go extra mile to disgrace Ur carrier in public.
    Oga man, its a pity u never hold your anger which means u can beat the hell out of your wife in public too.
    Anyways both of you should be tag #disgrace team#

  5. Hmmmmmmm!
    Pride won’t take us anywhere rather it will destroy what we have spent years in building up!???!
    Isn’t it better u pretend to be folish so as to fool those that are fooling u????
    The outcome of ur selfishness is now public disgrace???!

  6. Well Kiki,or what d fuck is ya name u damn deserve that punishment like literally I watched the video at first I was confused y on earth would a “slay bitch fight a slaynigga” den after reading the cause of the brawl.
    Men this was hilarious,kiki u were jst lucky it was a slay dude and not a area boy in form of a slay king?????????my condolences
    Christmas na next week how ya face go be like after d brawl.

  7. Small children with no fear of God and lack of proper up bringing,,wayward,,what if it was a set up to kill the foolish boy and run? either ways its all sound like children joke.

  8. So this tiny lady is so serious,she’s not even scare if the guy will kill her,I wonder who gave her the guts to do that,anyway the guy tried small shall but next time he shouldn’t beat a lady like that but try to get down in her feet and make her cheap to herself will calm her down…..I love the beating

  9. Hahahahaha
    God of isreal
    Slim gals too dey make mouth
    Omo d video make sense
    Ade call ha name.
    Hope u no die sha
    Mouth maker just disgracing urself publicly on social media in the name of slay Queen and u even have a child
    I pity u

  10. After una don finish this one what next??
    Let me give you advice:
    Since the two of you are now popular then sit down compose song how this particular event happened write better lyric about how you guys planned to meet and the fight
    Person with the sweet voice make he/she carry chorus or i fit help you with that…. Just like that drop track everybody go hear am.. Soonest you will start going to shows to perform una don because popular be that
    Later on feature harrysong or person way they get lyrics for something like that…
    Life done change ???
    Thank me later

  11. It wouldn’t had escalated to this public shit if Khalid had behave like a man …when a lady turn to be very rude and aggressive in a group chat, all youshould do is ignore her, no matter her dirty talk and threat…. you exchanged words and to then point of meeting with her to prove what, bro? That you ‘re a man or what?
    Human should always be cautious of everything they do, especially social media shit, what if something bad had happened to any of you (Khalid/Kiki)…

  12. This story na old story but d guy fuck up,what if kiki carry guys to take beat u,na so u for use ur own leg carry ur self by ur self go kill ur self,as for kiki I nor pity her o,na waitin she find she see

  13. How can a girl be fighting with a guy
    Like I don’t understand
    No matter his age, a he is never your mate in terms of fight ooo
    Na run I dey

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