Nigerian filmmaker and pastor, Laju Iren, has warned Nigerians, especially those on social media, against using the name “Mummy G.O” to catch cruise online.

Educating people on how the term came to be, she issues a caution against the comical use of the term, given the recent viral memes instigated by evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo who is popularly referred to as Mummy GO herself.

On her page, Laju shares the photo of the wife of RCCG senior pastor, EA Adeboye’s wife, Foluke Adeboye, stating she is the actual Mummy GO.

She wrote,

Woke up feeling strongly impressed to remind us that this is the actual Mummy G.O. Our generation has the tendency to be mesmerized by what is new and entertaining even when it’s wrong, untrue and misleading. May a true legacy not be tainted by the words of another who doesn’t speak the truth of God’s word. If you’re a believer, please remember that our goal is to make viral the actual message of the gospel, that Jesus died, was buried and rose again according to the scriptures and that by faith in his name, we have eternal life. Let no memes, jokes or videos with no basis in the word of God tame that. Happy Sunday.

Edit: Some people keep asking me if it means that no one else should be called Mummy G.O. That’s obviously not what I’m saying. But this is a phrase that was developed in the church given specifically to the Wife of the General Overseer of one of the largest churches in Nigeria. Many other churches have adopted this for their pastor’s wife and rightly so. But as the body of Christ we won’t let the legacy of this great woman of God or a phrase that is supposed to invoke honour to be used for someone who is preaching a different gospel of false doctrine.

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