Irebami Olakanmi narrates

Nigerian filmmaker, Irebami Olakanmi has recounted how she was emotionally abused and tortured by her ex-boyfriend over football.

The single mum of one, who took to Twitter to open up about her domestic violence experience at the hands of her estranged boyfriend, narrated how he forced her to support his club, Chelsea FC, and became abusive whenever the team lost.

According to her, she was a Manchester United fan but her then-boyfriend insisted that she must support his club and made sure she watched every single match whether it was convenient for her or not.

 Irebami Olakanmi narrates

In a series of tweets, she wrote,

“Episode 1

My domestic violence experience;

He was a Chelsea fan while I was supporting ManU but I dare not support my club openly, I dare not jubilate if we win. Days I turned into a prayer warrior for Chelsea to win all for peace to reign, else it’s gonna be a war zone.

He won’t eat my food and I dare not eat also, why? Chelsea didn’t win the match, it must be a sorrowful moment for us in the house, I have to beg him to eat else I’ll sleep starving. If he’s not at home, I must watch the match and tell him in detailed how it went.

If by chance I slept off and didn’t watch the match, hell will be a better place for me to stay that day. Forcing me to support a club Against my will, forcing me to watch and narrate the match. Normally if I hear Chelsea, I ought to be having PTSD.

This is not a movie or script I’m working on, this is my true life story.”

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