Popular Nigerian media personality Daniel Regha has taken to his page on the microblogging platform X to advise beverage companies concerning the way they package their products.


Sharing a picture of a packed juice he tore open, he revealed that he had to cut open the box flaps to get the content he purchased.

In his opinion, how beverage companies package their products makes it difficult for some consumers to the content fully.

His tweet read;

“Dear beverage companies, it’s very sad that customers have to tear/cut the box flaps before getting all they paid for, (the content). kindly find better ways to package your products. Thanks.”

While some internet users agreed with him, others suggested that he should have composed his tweet in a well understandable form.

Below are some of the comments,

@Occupytheeweb:  Instead you should say. Dear beverage companies, customers shouldn’t have to struggle with tearing or cutting box flaps to access their purchase. Consider easy-open packaging solutions for a better user experience. Simple.

@_amber_jay:  One babe would see the living red flag and still think when she marries him he will change..Way maker, miracle worker

@Frankwriter1:  Brooo You know how to get attention without minding as usual. Werey will just be reading comments and laughing sheepîshly in the corner of his cozy room.


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