Big Brother Naija star and disc jockey, Tolani Baj has addressed men who complain when a woman asks them for money.

In a video she shared online, the reality TV star opined that looking beautiful is expensive, so a woman needs money from her man to maintain her beauty.

She went on to ask tight-fisted men who do not give their women money how they expect them to keep looking good for them.

According to her, rather than come online to wail about how women feel entitled to their partners’ money, any man who’s not ready to spend on a woman should leave her alone.

She said while a man is complaining about a woman demanding too much money from him, there are several other men out there that will be willing to gladly foot her bills.

Speaking further, she maintained that looking good is not cheap, so when a girl bills a man, he should understand that she’s trying to maintain the beauty that attracted her to him in the first place.

“When will you men understand that looking beautiful is not cheap. When a babe bills you you have to understand that she needs money to maintain her beauty. That fine babe that you like how do you expect to chase her and not spend on her, make it make sense.” She said in part.

Watch her speak below,

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