A viral video has captured a bride’s hilarious yet heartwarming reaction to a surprise she got from her husband on their wedding day.

In the trending clip, the bride was astounded after she received a travel visa as a gift from her groom on their wedding day.

When she first opened the gift from her boyfriend, she gaped in disbelief. However, after a while, she leapt up and down with joy, pointing at him and stating that he had successfully surprised her as she never saw it coming.

When the groom asked her for a hug, the bride, in response, told him that a hug was too small and she would rather make his night a memorable one.

Watch video below,

In other news, a young Nigerian man has pulled a massive surprise on his girlfriend as he gifts her a brand new Mercedes Benz G300 in brilliant red.

A video making rounds online captures the lovely moment he surprised his girlfriend with the car gift, and she was left speechless by the grand gesture.

In the video, the lover boy is seen leading his girlfriend to where the luxury car, which was decorated with balloons, was parked.

They were accompanied by friends who were screaming and hailing the boyfriend for surprising the love of his life with a car.

Upon seeing the Benz, the lady was left stunned, and kept staring at the sleek vehicle in disbelief, before her boyfriend led her to the driver’s seat and asked her to sit down in her new whip.

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