Charles Novia writes

Nigerian filmmaker, Charles Novia has claimed that the first shock that hits those arriving Lagos from an international flight is the pungent smell of the toilet at the airport.

Taking to Facebook to share his experience at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, the filmmaker bewailed the state of the airport and pointed out that the immigration officials also dress shabbily.

According to him, the state of the airport can be likened to that of Nigeria because things are equally ‘antiseptically shitty’ in the country.

Charles Novia writes

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“For those arriving Lagos from an International flight at the MMA International wing, the first shock which hits you as you step out of the plane is the smell of the toilets at the airport.

A pungent smell of shit and antiseptic smacks your nostrils. As you walk towards the immigration area, angry at the state of the airport having just come from a country with world class airport facilities, the next shock would be tardily dressed immigration officials (at least the day I arrived from my trip I saw a couple of them wearing slippers and smudged uniforms). That airport in Lagos, the old one, is the symbolism of the state of the nation right now.

Antiseptically shitty.

I don’t think Abuja Airport is like that as I have traveled through Abuja Airport on international flights a few times but the Lagos Airport actually takes the piss, all pun intended too.”

Charles Novia writes

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