Five alleged students from the University of Uyo have reportedly been arrested in connection with their landlord’s missing plantain. 

According to a Facebook user, Oga Yenne, the students were arrested on Tuesday morning, March 29, on the order of their landlord.

However, in a latest development, a businessman, Saviour Udoh, said that he has secured the release of the students.

“I’ve succeeded in securing BAIL as their SURETY for the five (5) students of the University of Uyo who were arrested earlier this morning by their landlord. I want to specially thank the Dean students affairs, University of Uyo for his swift response, the SUG president & vice for their support, presence and solicitations too..40% of people in Police Custody is because they lack people to stand in and solicit for their freedom. If you’ve the opportunity to help, please help.” He wrote.

See his post below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady has expressed so much anger at a particular set of people, as she made a video and shared it online… the video has of course, caused a stir on social media.

The young lady in the video, fumed at younger brides who automatically become swollen-headed after they get married and fail to show respect to people much older than them because of their new status.

At the start of the video, she says she normally wouldn’t make a video like that but she felt the need to address those “young girls” who can’t at the very least say “Hi” to the people they once referred to as “Aunties” before they got married.

She then goes on to say that regardless of their new status, whether they get married first or even bear a child before them their elder is still their elder and as such, they deserve every respect that’s due them.

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