Cheating is an ordeal most people don’t want to experience. Give them a thieving partner and they may be just fin. The lying, cheating partner they just can’t take.

When your partner cheats on you with another person, it is involves more a mere bruising of your emotions.

It is even more traumatizing if your partner cheats on you over a sustained period of time. In fact, some people never recover from the infidelity of their partners.

It is possible that you will never stop asking what you did that made them cheat on you. Were they really that unhappy, or were they just born to cheat?

These are a few signs that can help save you from the unpleasant shock at the discovery of your partner’s unfaithfulness.

1. If you think he/she is cheating, he/she most likely is

If you keep getting the nagging sensation that your partner is cheating on you, chances are he/she is. It is possible that you’re just being insecure and possibly, crazy. But Nature gave you your instincts for a reason, so they may not be wrong after all.

You have trusted your instincts on a number of occasions; this situation may not be so different from the countless times your instincts were proven right. There is one thing to remember, however.

If you’re suspicions are based on just your instincts, it will be wiser to hold on to your confrontations until you have substantial evidence to build your case.

2. The no-discussion-friend
If your partner has a friend of the opposite sex who they are unwilling to talk about with you, there is the likelihood that they are engaged in an affair with this friend.

Or planning to, at least. If your partner gets agitated, uncomfortable and defensive every time you bring up this friend in casual conversations, then you have every suspicious to be suspicious.

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