A little girl’s reaction to her mother reprimanding her after she committed an offence has left netizens in stitches.

In the viral video, the little girl, who had clearly done something wrong, broke down in tears while being questioned by her mother.

According to her mother, the little girl was watching a TV show that wasn’t appropriate for her age despite several warnings about it.

The mother threatened to flog her daughter for the offence, which caused the girl to cry even harder.

The young girl, terrified for her life, was seen pleading with her mother in tears not to hit her, stating that she feared that she might die as a result.

“I don’t want you to flog my body. If you beat me I will die and you will cry. I have stopped watching it. Someone died yesterday and you were crying sbd I was petting you. I have already stop it. If you flog my body tomorrow I will die.” She said, crying profusely.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a model recently suffered an embarrassing moment while walking the runway at a fashion show.

The lady, who apparently had a butt implant to enhance the appearance of her backside, was strutting the stage in an animal print bikini when one side of her butt deflated and dropped to an absurdly low level.

A video of the lady walking down the runway with one side of her butt curvy and the other unnaturally low, as if the implants would fall off, has since gone viral. Watch video here.

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