An American lady, Jamera Williams, has called out her ex-boyfriend who cheated and impregnated another woman.

Taking to TikTok, Jamera narrated how her ex-boyfriend showered her with maximum love, care and attention, but still went ahead to cheat and impregnate another woman right under her nose.

She posted a video compilation of the lovely things he did for her; said he inked her name on his hand, paid for everything, used her picture as his screensaver, posted her on social media, met her family, etc.

 Lady narrates

According to Jamera, considering the level of reassurance she received from him, she was shocked when his side chick contacted her and revealed that she was three weeks pregnant for him.

Devastated by the incident, Jamera said she still can’t explain how he was able to cheat because she had full access to his two phones.

She wrote in the video,

“Things my ex did for me in our relationship and still CHEATED (and got another woman pregnant).

Sent me good morning texts EVERY single morning.. literally never missed a day.

Surprised me with my very first Bible for our one month anniversary. Prayed for me relentlessly day in and day out! Literally my prayer warrior.

He also bought me these prayer/Bible studly cards so I could consistent on my journey.

Constantly gave me reassurance.. I NEVER had to wonder how he felt towards me ever.

Got my name tatted.

Surprised me with flowers weekly bc he knew that was my love language.

Wore matching PJs with me on Christmas and met my enter family.

Travelled to Dallas with me to attend my brother’s wedding.

Payed for everything! My nails, hair, lashes and wax were his bills and he insisted. I even had his card on my Apple pay for gas when we weren’t together.

Posted me on social media without me ever having to ask.

Did corny shit like make engagement rings out of life savers.

Made me the screensaver to both of his phone just because…

One time I started my period and stained my pants but I couldn’t leave where I was so he brought me new pants & wipes w/o having to ask.

Planned romantic dates for us.

The only thing I was responsible for was being a passenger princess. I didn’t drive or touch any type of door. Nada!

Moral of the story… Cheaters cheat! Y’all be safe out there”

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