Reno Omokri berates

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has taken to social media to berate Nigerians praying fervently for Ukraine amid its crisis with Russia.

Reno Omokri berates

Citing the war in Ethiopia, Reno pointed out that it’s not getting as much attention from Africans, as the war in far away Ukraine.

When a follower stated that Nigerians live and work in Ukraine so there’s nothing wrong in praying for them, the social media commentator asserted that there are more Nigerians in Ethiopia, than in Ukraine, yet there is no social media campaign or call for prayers for them.

He concluded by saying Nigerians have more love for white people than Africans.

He wrote,

“I have been to Ethiopia 15 times. Not just the capital. The interior villages. Dangote has a cement factory in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Nigerians work at that factory. It was captured by Tigray forces. More Nigerians live in Ethiopia than in Ukraine. But since Ethiopians are Black, you won’t notice! Your focus and attention is for White people, not for your own kind.

This is so typical of our people. If it is White, it is right. If it is Black, put it at the back. And tomorrow you will say #BlackLivesMatter. How are you showing that it matters by your actions?”

See below,

Reno Omokri berates

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