Every woman has a favourite way she wears her bras. This pattern obviously developed overtime and it stuck like glue. But recent study says the way a woman wears her bra may explain what her personality is like.

According to a body language and human behavior expert,Patti Wood, the bra a woman woman puts on says a lot on who she really is. A woman may be a driver, influencer, supporter or careful-corrector.

According to YourTango, here are kinds of personality depending on the way you wear a bra.

1. Driver: If you love a bra with a clasp in front, you are a driver. Drivers aren’t used to wasting time. They love to buy things of good quality, make smart decisions and rarely criticize themselves.

2. Supporter: A woman who wears a bra with clasp at the back, then clasps it in the back is a supporter.

She kind of woman loves to help people, she very good at getting along with everyone and is always prepared in case of emergencies.

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