Venita forbids

Venita Akpofure, reality TV star and cousin to Big Brother Naija season 5 housemate, Neo Akpofure, has blatantly forbade him (Neo) from having a relationship with his lover in the house, Vee.

 Venita forbids

In the viral video, Venita’s friend made a statement about Neo and Vee being a couple, adding that they can be tagged “VEEO”.

 Venita forbids

Venita who was visibly angry by the statement, in response repeatedly said God forbid and warned her friend from making such jokes.

In her words,

“God forbid!, God Forbid! No NO! stop that”.

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However, the video sparked reactions on social media, making Venita to be a topic that’s trending on Twitter, in Nigeria.

A Twitter user, @rhukkey wrote,

“Who cares about Venita, PS: @VenitaAkpofure, Last time I checked, Vee never said she’s desperate to date Neo. You can date your cousin for all we care! Vee is just 23 she has her whole life ahead of her. It’s high time you took Ella’s advice! You’ve got kids Venita ?”.

@eyenocare1 tweeted, “When she was doing her own in the house, you people said that she’s just bluntNow Venita don show us say Blunt pass Blunt, But hey, what is my own? “

@thami wrote, “at this point, @VenitaAkpofure, needs to mind her business because as much as she’s Neo’s “favorite cousin she also needs to understand that she won’t make decisions for him. if she got beef with Vee let it be with Vee not the relationship abeg!”

@nvestorjazzy wrote, “so much love Venita ehn…… She should help me take good care of Veeterleaf.”

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