Reality TV star, Cross

Reality TV star and entertainer, Cross Okonkwo, has said he will forgive his wife if she cheats on him with another man.

Cross stated this while reacting to a video of a man who caught his pregnant wife in bed with another man, said to be her pastor.

A video that captures the moment he caught them red-handed on their matrimonial bed surfaced online on Thursday, November 18, and it has caused quite a stir on the internet.

Reality TV star, Cross

In an apparent reaction to the trending clip and accompanying discourse about infidelity in marriage, Cross took to Twitter to say personally, he will pardon his wife if she engages in the act in her lover’s house or an hotel room.

However, the deal breaker is if she invites her lover to their matrimonial home and sleeps with him on their bed. According to him, if she does that, he won’t be able to forgive her and would end their marriage after the incident..

The 31-year-old star tweeted, “And by the way if she does it in his house or hotel room. And I really LOVE her. I will forgive her. But on our bed 🛌. In our house 🏡 I’m sorry I’m not forgiving oo. she’s going . Otilo”

His tweet has sparked mixed reactions from his followers and he took time out to respond to some of the comments. He explained that he will forgive his wife because nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.

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