Munachi Abii reacts

Former beauty queen and actress, Munachi Abii has reacted after being shamed online for not speaking her native language – Igbo – fluently.

Munachi Abii reacts

The media personality granted an exclusive interview with BBC News Igbo on Friday, April 22, where she spoke about her life, family and career.

She spoke Igbo quite well in the video, but fused in English language at some point but overall, she didn’t do terribly.

However, some people were not satisfied with her Igbo speaking and heavily criticized her for not knowing how to speak her language.

Reacting to the negativity, the Mbaise-born actress condemned those who criticize people making attempts to speak their native language, instead of encouraging them.

According to her, at least she can speak the language to an extent, even if it’s not up to their ‘standards’.

She wrote on her Instastory today, April 22,

“I can never understand why people shame people who are visibly trying to speak their language to the best of their ability.

“At least I can speak something. The people that are doing the shaming sef can’t speak any language properly and look like oiled sorrow.”

See below,

A while ago, Munachi Abii shared a rather disturbing post on her Instagram page.

In the now-deleted post she shared on Thursday, December 23, the ‘Living in Bondage’ star said she is tired of doing this ‘earth thing’.

She wrote, “Not sure I can do this earth thing anymore. I’m tired.”

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