Four teenagers died in a car crash in Buffalo, U.S and police authorities are saying their death might have been connected to a TikTok challenge.

A report by New York Post reveals that the TikTok challenge tagged “Kia Challenge,” encourage encourages people to break into Kia cars using cellphone chargers.

The deceased teenagers have been identified as, Marcus Webster, 19, Swazine Swindle, 17, Kevin Payne, 16, and Ahjanae Harper, 14.

All four teenagers were killed when the stolen Kia they were riding in, crashed on Monday morning, ejecting them and one other passenger.

The driver, 16 was treated at the hospital & released, while a 5th passenger a 14-year-old girl is listed in good condition at Erie County Medical Center. It is reported that 14-year-old Harper had recently welcomed a baby girl.

Harper was set to celebrated her 15th birthday on Nov. 1. One of the deceased, Webster, is said to have been a hard worker who juggled school and a job.

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