Popular Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, has taken to social media to celebrate after he was discharged and acquitted of homosexuality charges against him alongside 57 others in November 2019.

The joyous James wrote, “I’m free like a bird. HOMOSEXUALITY CASE CLOSED Congratulations to 57 runway boys we won (we no be gay).”

Recall that the dancer, sometime ago pleaded with masses to come to his aid and put a stop to his court case, as the court keeps adjourning his case.

On the 26th of August, 57 suspected homosexuals were arrested by the police including James Brown. He was the guy who went viral for his wrong English. When asked if he was guilty of homosexuality, he replied, ‘They didn’t caught’ me.

However, The homosexuality charges that were filed against him have now been struck out by a federal court in Lagos.

Justice Rilwan Aikawa who ruled on the case on Tuesday October 27, struck out the case on ground of the charges against the defendants lacking “diligent prosecution” by the police.

While the federal high court judge pointed out that the prosecuting counsel, J.I Ebhoremen, was absent from court for the umpteenth time with no reasonable explanation, the defence counsel, Israel Usman noted that it was the ninth time Mr Ebhoremen didn’t show up in court since the case started in 2019.

Usman urged the Judge to strike out the case as Section 356(5) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 provided a maximum of five adjournments at the instance of the prosecution in a criminal trial.

Ruling on the case, Aikawa said,

“I agree entirely with defendants’ counsel that the prosecution’s attitude to this case is not satisfactory. In my view, this should not be. If the prosecution has a cogent reason not to be in court, he should have communicated in writing to the court and copy the defense counsel.

“For whatever reason, the prosecution is no more capable or not willing to prosecute this case. Consequently, this case is struck out due to lack of diligent prosecution.”

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