williams and kate

When I saw this news, I laughed hysterically… I don’t think the people who banned this couple have been to Nigeria before and have met my Igbo brethren… I won’t say more than that… I hope you catch my drift though… When Igbos give names like “(Surname) Success (Name)Bright”, why would Prince Williams be a problem? Lol.

A French couple have reportedly been banned from naming their son, “Prince Williams”.

The parents said they thought the connection with British royalty would be useful, but a court ruled that using ‘Prince William’ as an extended first name could lead to a ‘lifetime of mockery’.

The couple, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, then asked to use the name ‘Mini Cooper’, after the classic British car, but that too was overruled.

The court cited an article of France’s civil code, which ‘allows judges to protect a child from a potential lifetime of mockery by overruling the parents’,

In the last year, a court in Valenciennes, northern France, banned one couple from naming their daughter Nutella, after the hazelnut spread, and another from calling their baby girl, Strawberry, because both youngsters would face being mocked.

But why would you name your child “Strawberry” and not expect him to be mocked? Okay, I apologize to my Igbo brethren, they won’t name their children such… at least, not that I know of!



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