Nigerian pastor advises

A Nigerian pastor, Tolulope Oludapo, has stated that there is nothing wrong in allowing your friends or family date your ex.

The clergyman made this statement in a lengthy post shared via his Twitter handle while advising people to let their friends get romantically involved with someone they dated in the past.

He said people should not allow “bro code” or “sis code” prevent their friends from dating amazing people, simply because they once dated them.

According to him, people only find it awkward because they engaged in premarital sex before the relationship ended.

Nigerian pastor advises

Read his full tweet below,

“Unpopular Opinion – Let your friends and family date your ex.🧵

A friend approached me to ask for my blessings. He wanted to date someone I once dated but ended the relationship amicably.

Despite the fact that I was deeply hurt because I couldn’t date her. I mean, I had emotionally invested my being into this relationship for 18 months, still, I gladly gave him my blessing and have been excited about the two of them ever since.

Do not let “bro code or sister code” prevent your friends from dating amazing people who aren’t just your match or fit.

When someone dates or marries someone you’ll have loved to be with, learn to be excited for them.
Wish them well, Pray for them.
Show and share in their joy.

It might take some work but it important work. Don’t be the wicked sad uhmmm… witch. Jokingly serious. Lol.

Except that ex was a terrible person.

Bdw, did he need my permission or blessing to proceed with the relationship? Absolutely not.

But I appreciate the maturity he displayed in doing that. He had earned my respect forever.

Think of it this way; Would you prevent your friend or family from dating someone who you know is an amazing person just because you both once dated?

We find it awkward because we do and share things only married people should 🌚 not because it’s bad.”

See his tweet below,

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