Friends and colleagues of 22-year old Mass Communication student of the Cross River University of Technology, Priscilla Ojong, staged a protest earlier today as they insist that she is still being held by unknown persons.

This comes after the report that family members and friends raised an alarm that Priscilla has been missing for three weeks and some days after she allegedly left Calabar for Lagos to see a male friend.

On Friday May 14, Priscilla shared a video on her Instagram page insisting she isn’t kidnapped, stating that her phone got damaged which is why she has been unavailable for a while.

While her family members feel the video was made under duress, because she’s yet to contact anyone of them either physically or via the phone, they are seeking help from the general public and the police for her recovery.

Her friends and colleagues who as well, believe that she’s being held against her will and was forced to make the video, staged a protest earlier today.

Watch a video from the protest below,



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