Reno Omokri

In today’s episode of Reno’s Nuggets, the social media commentator shared a thought-provoking piece about friendships.

Reno Omokri took to his Twitter page to state that if one doesn’t have anyone they can call when financially stuck, then they don’t have friends.

According to him, everyone needs a friend they are certain can provide assistance when they are financially incapacitated.

He tweeted on Tuesday, June 14,

“If you have no one you can call if you need money and you are sure they will come to your aid, then you don’t have friends. You have associates, companions and cronies. But no friends. You need a friend, like the Good Samaritan, who will spend money to save your life!”

In other news, Reno Omokri has shared his thoughts on why suicide rate is low among members of Catholic Church.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, May 30, Reno stated that Catholics rarely commit suicide because they can easily share their burdens with their Priests.

According to him, you can enter into any Catholic Parish to seek counsel and help from a Catholic priest and receive help without knowing the priest.

He tweeted,

“One reason suicide is VERY RARE in the Catholic Church is that as a Catholic, you can walk into ANY Catholic parish and confide with any Catholic priest and get immediate help. If all Christian churches are like that, depression and suicide will reduce drastically!

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