A woman named Cristal is currently trending on TikTok after she shared photos of the horrifying injuries her boyfriend inflicted on her.

Cristal is trending because the video she shared showed how her “caring and attentive” boyfriend named Jordan turned into an abuser and inflicted horrific injuries on her.

When the ‘going was good’ in their relationship, Cristal spoke about how much he’s changed her life and how talented and smart he is.

However, on November 24, an altercation occurred and he beat her up, leaving her with a bleeding nose and swollen eye.

Watch the video below:

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  1. What is this, mehn we have to learn to control our temper around this other genders, if you cannot, just walk away cool it off somewhere. It’s so pathetic…

  2. Some men should be locked up and the key thrown into the lagoon. No matter what a woman does, pick your shirt and go out to cool off somewhere neutral. Being beastly doesn’t resolve anything.

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