Different reactions have trailed a video that was shared online, which captured a lady struggling with her heels during sign-out.

In the clip, she could be seen struggling to walk in the boot heels she had on, which caused her to stagger at some point.

After struggling to walk in the footwear for some time she collapsed to the ground but was quickly picked up by a friend.

After she noticed that it would be difficult to move around in the shoes, she pulled a chair to a corner and sat on it.

While some pitied the lady in the video, others found the clip hilarious as they collectively questioned her for wearing a shoe she could barely walk in.

Below are some of the comments,

@Iam_Fidence:  Who send am, shey sneakers don finish for market?

@everything_beautyy:  I can’t even advise my enemy to buy this boot, I own one and I know the pain she’s going through

@Mama:  Since my sis gift me this shoe as birthday gift I never wear am, because I fit come see myself for TikTok

@Simi:  This baddie thing is not for everybody some of you don’t want to believe

@AshakeAde:  Abeg who advised this babe to go wear this kind shoe

Watch the video below,


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