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“From Slay Queen To House Help” – Netizens React As Lady Shares Her Experience After She Visited Her Parents In The Village (WATCH)

In a hilarious video that has taken the Internet by storm, a young lady has shared her transformation from a self-proclaimed “slay queen” to a hardworking maid during her visit to her parents’ village.

The video, posted under the handle @jasmineofficial, has quickly gained traction online, eliciting reactions from amused netizens.

The captivating video shows the young lady’s unexpected shift in roles as she arrives at her parents’ house in the village.

What was supposed to be a leisurely visit turned into a series of tasks, as her parents assigned her numerous chores to complete.

The video shows a compilation of her daily activities from Monday through Saturday, showing her involved in different household responsibilities.

From chopping carrots and cabbage for salads to engaging in activities like chopping firewood for cooking and disposing of rubbish, the young lady hilariously shows her newfound role as a maid.

The video’s description, “POV: I went to the village to see my parents,” shows the unexpected turn of events that unfolded during her visit.

Since its release, the video has triggered a mixed reaction among viewers, with many finding the actions relatable.

Netizens have expressed amusement at the young lady’s transformation and the challenges faced during her time in the village.

As the video continues to circulate online, it has undeniably garnered the attention of  netizens and viewers alike, leading to differing reactions.


Watch the video below:


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