Lady slams

A young lady has been captured insulting her boyfriend after he confronted her for cheating on him with another man.

In the video serving rounds on the internet, the lady is heard berating her boyfriend for attacking her for sleeping with a man who gives her #200,000 after every intimate session when he only gives her #50,000 in one month.

Her boyfriend, who was broken by her words and attempted to launch at her but was held back by some men believed to be his friends, told her she knows that he’s not financially stable but still tries to send her money.

Out of anger, he started raining curses on her and asked if he was not trying enough to give her #50k monthly allowance despite his financial condition.

However, the lady, who was not having it at all, fired back at him for the question and asked if he knows the amount of money she spends on her hair monthly, insinuating that #50k is chicken change compared to her monthly expenses.

She also queried her boyfriend for expecting her to turn down the whooping sum of #200k she was offered by the other man.

Watch a video of the confrontation below,

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